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ISSN Printed: 1220 - 5311
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Number of issues/year: 2

Revue Roumaine de Géographie | Romanian Journal of Geography

volume 55, (1), 2011

Papers / Études et communications

IRENA MOCANU, General job-exchanges in Romania. A comparative spatial analysis of vacancy supply and demand before and during the current economic-financial crisis (Les bourses générales d’emplois en Roumanie. Analyse spatiale comparative de la demande et de l’offre d’emplois pendant la crise économique-financière actuelle)

NICOLETA DAMIAN, Unemployment and poverty in the Danube Delta settlements. Territorial disparities (Différenciation territoriales du chômage et de la pauvreté dans les localités du Delta du Danube)

MIRCEA BUZA, On the origins and historical evolution of toponymy on the territory of Romania (Der Ursprung und die historische Entwicklung der Ortsnamen auf dem Territorium Rumäniens)

ŞTEFANIA MANEA, VIRGIL SURDEANU, IOAN RUS, Anthropogenic changes on landforms in the upper and middle sectors of Strei basin (Modifications anthropiques sur le relief dans le bassin supérieur et moyen du Strei)

OCTAVIA BOGDAN, ION MARINICÃ, LOREDANA-ELENA MIC, Characteristics of the 2007 canicular summer in Romania (Die Merkmale der Gluthitze aus dem Sommer des Jahres 2007 in Rumänien)

GHEORGHE KUCSICSA, Considerations on the timberline in the Rodna Mountains National Park (Betrachtungen über die obere Waldgrenze im Nationalpark der Rodna-Gebirge)

Scientific life / La vie scientifique

The International Geographical Union Regional Conference, July 12-16, 2010, Tel Aviv, Israel (Ines Grigorescu)

Plurel Conference: Managing the Urban-Rural Interface, Strategies and Tools for Urban Development and Sustainable Peri- urban Land Use Relationships, 19-22 October, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark (I. G.)

Book reviews / Comptes rendus

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