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ISSN Printed: 1220 - 5311
ISSN Online: 2285 - 9675

Number of issues/year: 2

Revue Roumaine de Géographie | Romanian Journal of Geography

volume 58, (2), 2014

Guest editors:
Prof. Anthony Lehmann, Dr. Monica Dumitrascu, Prof. Seval Sozen

Papers / Études et communications

ANTHONY LEHMANN, SEVAL SOZEN, MONICA DUMITRAŞCU, Addressing societal challenges in the Black Sea Catchment through Innovative Earth Observation System of Systems

ADRIAN CONSTANTINESCU, JENICĂ HANGANU, ANTHONY LEHMANN, NICOLAS RAY, Assessment of Romanian alpine habitats spatial shifts based on climate change prediction scenarios

YEVGEN GAZYETOV, ROMAN SIZO, The Delta coastline dynamics for the Danube Northern arm over the period 19862011

PETRE GÂŞTESCU, ION GRIGORAŞ, Morphological changes on the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve coast - actual synthesis

MONICA DUMITRAŞCU, INES GRIGORESCU, GHEORGHE KUCSICSA, MIHAI DOROFTEI, MIHAELA NĂSTASE, CARMEN SOFIA DRAGOTĂ,Invasive terrestrial plant species in the Romanian protected areas. A geographical approach

ALIYE GONCA BOZKAYA, FILIZ BEKTAS BALCIK, CIGDEM GOKSEL, AHMET OZGUR DOGRU, NESIBE NECLA ULUGTEKIN, SEVAL SOZEN, Satellite-based multitemporal change detection in Igneada flooded forests

YEVGEN MAKAROVSKIY, VIKTORIIA ZINYCH, Wind energy potential assessment of Ukraine

ALEKSANDR CHEROY, OLEG DYAKOV, ELENA ZHMUD, VERONIKA PRYKHODKO, Ecological state of the marine edge of the Kilia Delta of the Danube in 20112012

SERGII SNIGIROV, Biodiversity of ichthyofauna in the Dnister Delta

BIANCA MITRICĂ, Changes in the dynamics and demographic structures of the Romanian urban population. An overview of the post-comunist period

Scientific life / La vie scientifique

Book reviews / Comptes rendus

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